Arecibo, PR - Station ID: 9757809

Established:Mar 05, 2007
Time Meridian:60° W
Present Installation:Mar 05, 2007
Date Removed:N/A
Water Level Max (ref MHHW):0.91 ft. Oct 08, 2010
Water Level Min (ref MLLW):-0.77 ft. Apr 27, 2009
Mean Range:1.24 ft.
Diurnal Range:1.76 ft.
Latitude18° 28.8' N
Longitude66° 42.1' W
NOAA Chart#:25668
Met Site Elevation:N/A
Today's Tides (LST/LDT)
graphical depiction of low tide
12:30 AM
6:50 AMlow 0.3 ft.
11:34 AMhigh 0.7 ft.
5:07 PMlow 0.0 ft.

Sensor Information

SensorSensor IDDCP#Sensor HeightStatus
Backup WLB12N/A Disabled - Apr 10 2020 10:12PM, RESTART
WindC1139.4 ft. above site Elevation Enabled
Air TemperatureD116.7 ft. above site Elevation Disabled - Sep 25 2017 12:38PM, STOP
Water TemperatureE1129.9 ft. below MLLW Enabled
Barometric PressureF11N/A Enabled
Tsunami WLU11N/A Disabled - Feb 2 2020 3:25PM,
For questions about disabled sensors, please contact CO-OPS User Services.


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How to reach: Directions are not available for this station due to lack of a published benchmark.

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