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CO-OPS Introduces New Homepage Design

NOAA’s Tides and Currents office seeks to improve the user experience with new elements.
CO-OPS Introduces New Homepage Design
The new and improved CO-OPS homepage gives improved access to data and information.

The Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) is introducing a new homepage look and feel. These changes are geared towards helping first time users better understand what we do and the information that we provide the nation.

The new features include a simplified homepage that provides faster access to our station information via a clickable map, landing pages that give more context to our products, an improved template for our CO-OPS news stories, and a news archive. CO-OPS implemented these features based on feedback from our long-running ForeSee surveys, which indicated some users need extra guidance in finding information they are looking for, and as part of our strategic plan objective to implement a next generation website. CO-OPS plans on making additional changes in the future focused on integrating the data on our site and improving the navigation.

Please check out our new features and provide any comments or feedback to

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