The Tidal Current Tables service has been superseded and will not be updated for 2016.
Please use the NOAA Current Predictions service for access to tidal current predictions.

Tidal Current Predictions

This system will allow you to obtain tidal predictions computed by CO-OPS for more than 2700 tidal current stations. The publication of full daily predictions is limited to fewer stations. These stations with full daily predictions are referred to as "reference stations". The remaining stations are referred to as "subordinate stations". Tidal predictions for the subordinate stations can be obtained by applying specific differences to the times and heights of tides of the specified reference stations.

These pages provide a listing of the 2700 plus subordinate stations, the time and speed differences and a link to the reference station predictions. The user must make their own calculations to correct the reference station predictions to the required secondary station. The list of subordinate stations has been broken down into states and other areas where there are water level stations. Each state is further broken down into regions. Each region presents a list of the water level stations in the area. The stations are listed geographically; thus, stations that are near each other along the shoreline are near each other in the listing. This simplifies locating a station of interest.

Instructions for making these calculations can be found by "clicking" on one of the Question Mark found throughout the listing of subordinate stations.